Muttiah Muralitharan surpassed Wasim Akram by taking 503 ODI Wickets.This number is quite significant for Murali.Because it adds up to 8(5+0+3=8).Number 8 is the number of Murali.He was born on April 17(1+7=8).

Incidentally,the occult number of Wasim Akram is 25(2+5=7).He has 502(5+0+2=7) ODI Wickets.

Coming back to Murali,he became the highest Wicket taker in Tests by taking 710(7+1+0=8) in 116(1+1+6=8) Tests at the time of surpassing Warne.

At that time, murali was 35(3+5=8) years old.

Number 8 stands in symbolism to the planet Saturn.It has two extremes-the best and the worst.Same is the case with number 8 also.As far as Murali is concerned,number 8 has always showered blessings on him,inspite of certain ordeals.

The name number of ‘MURALI’ is 17 that adds up to 8.

Numerologically,number 17 (birth date of Murali) is a much luckier number.It indicates ever lasting fame!In the case of Murali 17 gives double delight.Because,it is not only his date of birth but also the name number. .The name number of ‘MURALITHARAN’ is 35 ,that adds up to 8.

In his life,Murali has overcome many odds.He has obliterated many obstacles.At certain point of time,even his ability was questioned!But he did not care unwanted and cruel criticism.He has been able to withstand all the odds with patience and humility.All these can be attributed to the characteristics of Saturnian 8!


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