On February 24,2009 I had written as follows:-

MS Dhoni is highly influenced by numbers 2 and 7.I have written a few times about this in detail.India is on a 47(4+7=11,1+1=2) days tor for the series against New zealand and the series starts on 25th(2+5=7).So,numerologically,it seems that Dhoni is lucky this time too!

On December 10,2008,I wrote as follows:-

The 2-Test series against England will be lucky for Dhoni who is influenced by 2 and 7.The Test begins on 11th which adds up to 2.The 7-match one-day series has already been won by India.
The occult number of Chennai is 25 which adds up to 7.Also,”chennai” has 7 characters.

On November 14,2008,I wrote as follows:-

Dhoni has been proved much luckier as India’s Test cricket captain..Numbers 2 and 7 are much luckier for Dhoni.He was stand in skipper in the 2nd Test at Mohali.After he became Test captain,India has been ranked No 2 in the ICC Test rankings.

India achieved a resounding 2-0 victory against Australia.It is a matter of profound happiness that the 7-match one-day series has started with luck on Indian side

On 8-7-2008,I had written as follows:-

“The name’MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI’ contains 18 characters .See,it was on the 18th September 2007 that he was appointed captain of India’s ODI series against Australia and Pakistan,and a Twenty20 international against Australia!
Dhoni was born on July 7 ,1981.So,numbers 2 and 7 are immensely important for him.
BesidesDhoni was born in the Zodiacal Sign of Cancer,ruled by Moon.Number 2 is symbolised by Moon.
Now,consider the name “M.S.DHONI”.It carries the occult number 29,which adds up to 2(2+9=11.Further adding,1+1=2).So,numbers 2 and 7 are influential for Dhoni in that way also.So,naturally,the year 2007 is important for him.
At the time of appointment as captain he had played in 20(2+0=2)Test Matches.Total Runs amounted to 1019.Amazingly enough,this number also adds up to 2!(1+0+1+9=11.Again adding,1+1=2).
Then,what about the ODIs?No wonder,the total Runs taken runs to 2477,which gives 2 by addition!!(2+4+7+7=20.Further adding,2+0=2).
Subsequent performances of Dhoni has vindicated his appointment as Captain.
On February 20(2+0=2) Dhoni topped the milliom-dollar bid.
India’s victory ahainst Australia on March 2 was on Dhoni’s lucky day.
Besides,India won the 2nd Match on March 4.On March 4,Dhoni was 26 years and 242 days old.The numbers adds up to 7(26+242=268,2+6+8=16,1+6=7).
To put it briefly, numbers 2 and 7 exert tremendous influence on Dhoni
Hence age 27 is highly lucky for Dhoni”


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