LK Advani was born on November 8,1927.His fate number is 29 that adds up to 2.Fate number 29 is related to 2009.Numbers 29 and 2009 represent 2.Also,BJP is now 29 years old

The fate of BJP is connected with 2 and 6.

So the next Lok Sabha election is numerologically the most significant for the BJP. The coming election is the

15th one that adds up to 6(1+5=6)Number 6 is the birth number of BJP.It was formed on April 6,1980.Already

BJP has ruled at the centre for a period of 6 years.

The name number of BJP is 11,that adds up to 2.Interestingly it had only 2 Mps in the Lok sabha-in the first

election after the formation of the was after the 11th Lok sabha election that BJP first formed govt. at the centre. 


.As regards the full name-BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY-it carries name number 47,which also adds up to 2


So,the fate of Advani and the victory of BJP is highly interconnected.


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