Sonia Gandhi and family are reportedly under LTTE threat.
From a numerological angle,there are some factors which necessitates tight security for them.
Numerologically,the year 2009 is very crucial for them.
This year is 45 years after the death of Nehru and 18 years after the assassination of Rajiv.A period of 9 years or multiple of 9(18,27,36,45 etc) are important in the scheme of things of an individual/family/nation etc.
Indira Gandhi was assassinated after 36 years from the assassination of Gandghiji.
Indira first became PM in 1966.In 1975,she declared Emergency Rule.She was assassinated in 1984.
BJP was formed in 1980.It supported a non-congress ministry at the centre in 1989.It formed a ministry at the centre in 1998.
Coming back to Sonia family,let us sincerely pray that no untoward incident happen.However,security for them should be beefed up.


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