In my article published in the ASIAN TRIBUNE dated August 15,2007 I had predicted that Prabhakaran cannot achieve Eelam.But my prediction that the Lankan army cannot kill him has been proved incorrect(I had predicted that he would be killed by his own men or he would commit suicide).

It is interesting to note that Rajiv Gandhi and Premadasa were assassinated in the month of May.Prabhakaran also has been killed in May.

The date 18 is also significant.Mahinda Rajapaksa was born on November 18,1945.

The name Sri Lanka carries the occult number 18.

Also,Eelam bears the occult number 18.

18 adds up to 9(1+8=9)

Rajapaksa is now 63 years(6+3=9).

Rajapaksa belongs to the Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio ruled by 9

The liberation of Sri Lanka from LTTE terror has been achieved by Rajapaksa at the age of 63.


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