Pervez Musharraf was born on August 11,1943All persons born on 2,11,20 or 29 of any month have birth number 2.
Besides,the name number of Pervez Musharraf is 65,which adds up to 2.
p+e+r+v+e+z+m+u+s+h+a+r+r+a+f=8+5+2+6+5+7+4+6+3+5+1+2+2+1+8=65.Further adding,6+5=11Again adding,1+1=2.
Number 7 is highly influential to those influenced by number 2 and vice-versa.Numbers 2 and 7 are part and parcel of 2007!.Also,the fate number of Musharraf is 27.So,the year 2007 was very significant for him.

Numbers 2 and 7 have highly influenced Musharraf.

The year 2009 adds up to 2(2+0+0+9=11,1+1=2).That indicates that this year is very crucial for him


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