I have written a few times that Pinarayi Vijayan is influenced by numbers 3,6 and 9

On August 21(2+1=3) the CBI court asked Pinarayi to appear on September 24.

I had previously posted as follows:-

Being Connected with his birth number 3,July 12 was lucky for Pinarayi Vijayan.The fate number arrived on the date is also 3(1+2+7+2+0+0+9=21,2+1=3).

Pinarayi Vijayan was born in the Zodiacal Sign of Aries ruled by number 9.He is the 9th accused in the Lavalin case.

His occult number is 36 that adds up to 9.
Occult number is worked out as shown below:-

On June 7 the Kerala governer sanctioned prosecution of Pinarayi in SNC Lavalin case
On June 7,2009 he was 65 years and 79 days old.That adds up to 9(65+79=144,1+4+4=9).
He was born on 21-3-1944 which adds up to 24.That is his fate number.Similarly 7-6-2009 adds up to 24.Twenty four adds up to six.See,June is the 6th month.

.His birth number is 3(2+1=3).Generally,numbers 3,6 and 9 are lucky for him.Thus there is harmonious vibration between his birth number,fate number and occult number.The reason for his steel-like mind,determination and commanding power is attributed to this.

It may be noted that the CBI submitted charge sheet on January 21st and that Pinarayi was originally the 9th accused.

On January 27th(2+7=9) a Divisional Bench of High court of Kerala directed the AG to inform the court about the State Government’s stance with respect to a Writ Petition seeking to declare that no government sanction is needed to prosecute Pinarayi

The name PINARAYI VIJAYAN contains 15 characters(1+5=6).

The" NAVAKERALA MARCH" has also 15 characters.The occult number of NAVAKERALA MARCH is 42(4+2=6)

A Division Bench Of HC of Kerala reserved Judgement for Feb 12(1+2=3) As per the order dated Feb 12,the HC asked the government to take a decision within 3 months.

At the time of first becoming State CPM Secretary Pinarayi was 54(5+4=9) years old.The expulsion of MV Raghavan from CPM was instrumental in the elevation of Pinarayi to higher Party posts.Raghavan was expelled in 1986(1+9+8+6=24,2+4=6).At that time Pinarayi was 42(4+2=6) years old.
Jully 12 is connected with the fate number of VS.
He was born on 20-10-1923.His fate number is 18 that adds up to 9.On July 12,VS was 85 years and 266 days old.Addition of the numbers gives 9(85+266=351,3+5+1=9).
The birth date of VS is 20.See,he is the 20th CM of kerala!
Twenty adds up to 2(2+0=2).
It was on April 11(1+1=2),1964 that VS came out of the central committee of the then undivided CPI!
The year 2009 represents 2(2+0+0+9=11,1+1=2).So,this year is very crucial for VS


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