6-wicket victory of Australia is significant and notable.Number 6 denotes the occult number of Ponting..
RICKY PONTING is the 42nd Test Captain of Australia.Quite interestingly,his name number is 42,as shown below
r+i+c+k+y+p+o+n+t+i+n+g=2+1+3+2+1+8+7+5+4+1+5+3=42.Number 42 adds up to 6(4+2=6).
He scored a century in each innings of his 100th Test on February 6,2006.Incidentally,100th Test is related to his date of birth 19,that adds up to 1.
The name of his wife is RIANNA.Surprisingly,her name number is 15 that adds up to 6!Also,the names of both the husband and wife begins with the same alphabet.So,by all numerological considerations,they are in a fine harmonious vibration!
Ricky Ponting was once reported to have credited his wife as one of the biggest factors in his transformation from cricket bad boy to Australian Test Captain.
M.K.DAMODARAN,numerologist,Post-Edayannur,Kannur,Kerala India,mob:9496971228


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