Sarath Fonseka was born on December 18,1950.This number adds up to 9.Incidentally,the election date has been declared on 27th(2+7=9).Number 27 is the fate number of Fonseka

Election will be held on January 26..Is the date related to fonseka?Yes!

On January 26,2010 He will be 59 years and 40 days old.The numbers adds up to 99,which represents 9(9+9=18,1+8=9).

So,does it mean that the election augur well for Fonseka?

If Fonseka wins the election he will be the 7th President.

Number 7 is also related to him.

The occult number of Sarath Fonseka is 47 which adds up to 2.Numerologically,numbers 2 and 7 are inter-related.

The occult number of George W Bush is 47.He was the 43rd Us President(4+3=7).

The occult number of Barack Obama is 26(2+6=8).He is the 44th US President.

The name Abraham Lincoln carries the occult number 43(4+3=7).He was the 16th US President(1+6=7).

Just one more example:-

The occult number of John F Kennedy is 53(5+3=8).See,he was the 35th US President(3+5=8).

To put it briefly,it seems that the election augurs well for Fonseka


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