India is now World NO 1 in Test cricket -with 124points(1+2+4=7).The win against Sri Lanka in Test series 2-0 has paved the way for India’s top position.It was India’s 101(1+0+1=2) victory in TestAlso,it was the 7th win under Dhoni’s captaincy.

The birth number of Dhoni is 7.Numerologically,numbers 2 and 7 are highly inter-connected

Also,Dhoni was born in the Zodiacal Sign of Cancer represented by Moon.Further,Moon is represented by number 2.

Besides,the occult number of MS Dhoni is 29 that adds up to 2.

It is immensely interesting to note that Dhoni has been intensely influenced by numbers 2 and 7.

At the time of appointment as captain he had played in 20(2+0=2)Test Matches.Total Runs amounted to 1019.Amazingly enough,this number also adds up to 2!(1+0+1+9=11.Again adding,1+1=2).
Then,what about the ODIs?No wonder,the total Runs taken at that time ran  to 2477,which gives 2 by addition!!(2+4+7+7=20.Further adding,2+0=2).
Subsequent performances of Dhoni has vindicated his appointment as Captain.
On February 20(2+0=2) Dhoni topped the milliom-dollar bid.
India’s victory ahainst Australia on March 2 was on Dhoni’s lucky day.
Besides,India won the 2nd Match on March 4.On March 4,Dhoni was 26 years and 242 days old.The numbers adds up to 7(26+242=268,2+6+8=16,1+6=7).
To put it briefly, numbers 2 and 7 exert tremendous influence on Dhoni.

At the time of starting the series in third place India had 119(1+1+9=11,1+1=2)points.Now India has 124 points(1+2+4=7)


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