Sonia Gandhi was born on December 9 1946.For those born on the 9th of any month,numbers 3,6 and 9 are highly influential.
Sonia’s name number is 17 which adds up to 8(1+7=8).The name Sonia Gandhi carries the number 36 which adds up to 9(3+6=9).To put it

briefly,her prominent numbers are 3,6,8 and 9.
She became a widow on May 21 which adds up to 3(2+1=3).At that time she was 44 years old(4+4=8).She became a member of the

Congress on May 8.She plunged into politics in 1998-which adds up to 9(1+9+9+8=27,2+7=9).

She brought back the Congress to power at the age of 57(5+7=12,1+2=3).Again,the congress was voted to power when she was 62 years(6+2=8)

She is now 63(6+3=9).This is a very significant period in her life.


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