Vajpayee turned 86 on December 25..It is interesting to note that Vajpayee,Nawaz Sharif and Jinnah share the same birth date. The three were born on December 25 Last year vajpayee was 85. During the period he could wonderfully survive serious ill-ness. .Number 85 adds up to 13.Number 13 is a lucky number for Vajpayee. See some cases. .He was Prime Minister for 13 days and 13 months(1+3=4) respectively for two terms During the Kargil war he escaped from a Pak shell attack on June 13,1999. Again he was sworn in as PM on October 13,1999-after the 13th LS election Strangely, during Vajpayee’s third term as Prime Minister the Tehelka expose hit the govt on March 13,2001.But Vajpayee emerged unhurt


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