On March 9,Tuesday,the Upper House of Indian Parliament passed the 108th constitutional amendment,providing one-third reservation of seats in parliament and state Assemblies for women.
Major credit of this amendment goes to Sonia Gandhi.It is a feather in her political career.
It is numerologically interesting to analyse the case.March 9 was the lucky day of Sonia.Also,Tuesday is represented by 9.Sonia was born on December 9,1946.It is the 108th(1+0+8=9) constitutional amendment.It may be noted that Sonia is now 63(6+3=9) years old.Besides,the amendment has been made when India is ruled by the 27th(2+7=9) government at the Centre.
Another case is that of Rajapaksa.
Outgoing Lankan Parliament approved the extension of state of Emergency on March 9,Tuesday.Date 9 and Tuesday are lucky for Rajapaksa. Rajapaksa dissolved Parliament on Feb 9.The date is
highly significant.Also,the day was Tuesday ruled by number 9.
Rajapaksa was born on November 18,1945.His birth number
is 9(1+8=9).
He belongs to the Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio ruled by 9.The
occult number of SRI LANKA is 18.
Number 9 stands in symbolism to planet Mars-representing
The lankan army eliminated LTTE on May 18.
At that time Rajapaksa was 63 years old(6+3=9).
See,the political achievements of Sonia and Rajapaksa at the age of 63!


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