A psychic octopus called “PAUL” predicted the victory of Spain over Germany in the Semifinal of World Cup.On July 9th,”PAUL” predicted that Germany will be in the third place and that Spain will win the World Cup 2010.Now all predictions have been proved correct.Now the octopus shines and outweighs more than all the human experts,scholars and occultists put together!

In this context let me point out certain numerological factors.
The occult number of “PAUL” is 18.The occult number of Spain is also 18.Number 18 adds up to 9.It represents Tuesday.It was on Tuesday that “PAUL” predicted the victory of Spain in the semifinal.”Paul” is an octopus-that is,8-legged.
The letter “P’ carries the occult number 8.Quite interestingly,it was the goal gained by PUYOL that resulted in the victory of Spain in the Semifinal.See,the names Paul and Puyol begins with the same letter.Spain has gained 8 goals in the World Cup 2010.It was the goal scored by Andres Iniesta in the 116th(1+1+6=8) minute that led to the victory of spain in the final.
Spain is the 8th nation to win the World Cup within 80 years(8+0=8).

Andres Iniesta was born on may 11,1984.His birth number is 2.His fate number is also 2.So,July 11(1+1=2) was lucky for him.His Zodiacal Sign is Taurus ruled by 6.It may be noted that his shirt number was 6.

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