Sachin Tendulkar has reached another milestone by breaking the record of 168(1+6+8=15,1+5=6) Tests held by Steve Vaugh.Sachin Tendulkar was born on April 24,1973.His birth number is 6.His name consists of 15 characters(1+5=6).His

Zodiacal Sign is Taurus owned by the planet Venus which represents number 6.His Test debut was on November 15,1989.Numbers 3,6 and 9 are numerologically inter-connected.Besides,the faith number of Sachin is 3.Sachin broke the record held by Steve Vaugh on August 3.Further,it is the 3rd Test against Lanka.Both names-Sachin Tendulkar and steve Vaugh-begin with “S”.The occult value of “S” is 3.Now Sachin has to break the record in ODI held by Sanath Jayasuriya.His birth number is 3 and his name also begins with”S”.More than all-Sachin is in the 21st year of his career(2+1=3).

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