JULIAN ASSANGE was born on July 3,1971.He is now 39  years old.Thirty
nine adds up to three(3+9=12,1+2=3).The name ASSANGE carries occult
number 21 that adds up to 3.The name JULIAN ASSANGE carries occult
number 38.If his name is JULIAAN ASSANGE or JULIYAN ASSANGE  it will
give the occult number 39 that adds up to 3.Numbers 3/6/9 are
fortunate for him.The occult number of WIKILEAKS is 24 that adds up to
6.He was  arrested on a Tuesday represented by 9.
The year 2010 represents 3.Month of December-12th month-represents
3.Briefly,at the time of arrest,he is numerologically,in a lucky
period!So,will he have the last laugh?


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