Sachin was born on April 24,1973.His birth number is 6.His fate number is 3.He has completed 21 years in Test(2+1=3). By virtue of his birth number,numbers 3/6/9 are highly influential for him.Besides,his Zodiacal Sign is Taurus ruled by number 6.His Test debut was on November 15,1989(1+5=6). He was adjudged INTERNATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR on Oct 6.Interestingly,the name SACHIN contains 6 characters.The name SACHIN TENDULKAR 15(1+5=6) characters. The year 2010 represents 3(2+0+1+0=3).See,his fate number is also 3.Also,he is 21-year old in Test(2+1=3).



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