Durban is a lucky place for Dhoni.Both names starts with”D”.Besides,the occult number of each name is connected with 2.The occult number of “DURBAN” is 20 that adds up to 2.The occult number of “MS DHONI” is 29 that adds up to 11 and then to 2.Dhoni is now 29 years old.He married at 29.The occult number of his wife-SAKSHI RAWAT is also 29.Same occult number for huband and wife augurs well for the marrital bliss.By virtue of his birth,Dhoni is highly influenced by numbers 2/7.Apart from that,his Zodiacal sign is ruled by numbers 2/7

The name “MS DHONI’ carry 7 charactersThe name “SAKSHI RAWAT” bear 11characters(1+1=2).Just 3 examples-out of many-showing the influence of 2/7 in the life of Dhoni.

On February 20, 2008 he topped the million dollar bids(2+0=2).The Test series against SA began on December 16(1+5=7).On December 29 India won against SA


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