The 1983 ICC World Cup was won by India.The Year 1983 represents 3.Incidentally,that was the 3rd World Cup.Kapil Dev was the then Indian captain.His occult number is 30 that adds up to 3.He was born on Jan 6,1959.So,by virtue of his birth he is influenced by 3/6/9 apart from the influence of occult number3.
Kapil was 24(2+4=6) when India won the Cup.
India’s present captain Dhoni is highly influenced by 2 and 7.As Kapil’s age in 1983 Dhoni’s present age is note-worthy.Dhoni is now 29 that adds up to 2.Also,the occult number of MS Dhoni is 29.
It is 28 years after 1983.So,to activate the luck of India in winning the World Cup 2011,Virender Sehwag can do some thing .His fate number is 28.Number 28 has played unique role in his life.His first triple century was on March 28,2004.As a wonderful coincidence,his second triple century was on march 28,2008.There is no other case in the history of cricket!
Number 28 adds up to 1.See,it is the 10th World Cup.
As regards
As regards Sachin only a World Cup is absent from his list.His fate number is 30 that adds up to 3.He has completed 21 (2+1=3) years in Test cricket.
The final is on April 2.Let us hope that India reaches the final.
Date 2 is lucky for captain Dhoni.By virtue of the birth date,that date is lucky for Virender Sehwag(born on October 20,1978) and Zaheer Khan(born on October 7,1978).


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