On March 20,2011 the US-led coalition forces hit Libyan defence targets.The attack is likely toboomerang.it was on March 20,2003 that the US attacked Iraq.On March 21 I predicted through the “MALAYALAM” daily “CHANDRIKA” that the war will boomerang on BUSH. On December 18,2003 “THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS” daily carried my prediction under the headline”BUSH WILL LOSE OUT TO SADDAM” as follows:- Bush will lose out to Saddam:Numerologist “EXPRESS News Service Kasargod,Dec.18:The US President George W Bush would be the ultimate loser in the ongoing Iraq uprising in the wake of the capture of Saddam Hussein ,according to numerologist MK Damodaran. Talking to NIE,he said the name number of Saddam denotes 17 which signifies immortality.An immortal Saddam who lives in the heart s of millions of his well-wishers would be a perpetual threat for the US President .Also,the name number of Saddam Hussein is 45 which signifies that he is fighter and warlord. Significantly,there is numerological connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.The letters in each name adds upto 13 which incidently is a lucky number for Saddam Hussein.He was captured on his lucky date of December 13. According to Damodaran,capturing Saddam on his lucky date would encounter opposition across the world if the US were to take a strong decision on his fate. The US would be bogged down inIraq as in Vietnam, and the upsurge would never end if Saddam Hussein is to be executed.The US would have to to face stiff resistance from most of the Muslim countries of the world. Damodaran,who had studied the important dates and numerological significance of the action of George Bush said he would never come to power for the second time,mainly because of the Iraq war”(the second part of my prediction-election of Bush for the 2nd time-was proved incorrect)


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