According to reports,Harry  Potter novels will be  available as ebooks.The website opens for registration  on July 31- birthday of the fictional HARRY POTTER .It may also be noted that JK Rowling was born on July 31,1965.  Her lucky numbers are 1 and 4. Also,her zodiac Sign is Leo ruled by numbers 1 and 4.Besides,2011 is the year of number 4.On July 31 she turns 46(4+6=10,1+0=1).Briefly,the period is strongly significant for her.

On July 26,2008 I wrote in my blog(damodarannumerology.blog.co.uk):-

“JK Rowling is richest celebrity with $300 million.Her birth number is 4.Numbers 1 and 4 are numerologically connected.In addition to that,she was born in the zodiacal sign of Leo represented by number 1.
The year 2008 also represent number 1
So the year 2008 is bound to be more significant for her.”



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