BS Yeddyurappa AND 28

He  was born on February 27,1943.

Add the entire digits of the date of birth.

Then we get 28.

This is called fate or destiny number. number.

He has been heading the first BJP government in South India  since 2008.

On July 28 he  yielded to the pressure of the party and agreed to resign.

A person’s life is influenced by four  types  of  numbers.

They  are  birth number,fate number,zodiac- sign number and name  number.

If some of these numbers are identical that will work wonder.

For example,take the case of MS Dhoni.

His birth number,zodiac- sign number and  name  number belong to the same category.

The numbers are 2/7.

That is the reason for his strength.

On April 2,he lifted the WC 2011 for Indiaas the  2nd captain.

India defeated  Sri Lanka by 6 wickets.

“six” is his destiny  number

Another example is Sachin.

His birth number,zodiac- sign number  and fate number belong to the same category.

The numbers are 3/6.

The WC 2011 was his 6th WC.

I  studied  the influence of numbers on Sachin and Dhoni for four years

Therefore, I could  correctly predict the victory of Indian team in cricket world cup 2011.

The BJP should not underestimate  yeddyurappa.

If his heart is wounded, the party in Karnataka will  suffer serious setback

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