Rory Mcllroy was born on  May 4,1989.

Numbers 1 and 4 are lucky for him.

He is now 22-year-old(2+2=4).

The year 2011 represents 4.

McIlroy won the  US Open on 19 June 2011.

That was his 1st Major.

The 93rd PGA Championship :-

Who is lucky?Tiger Woods or Mcllroy?

Number 93 is represented by 3(9+3=12,1+2=3).

Thursday is also represented by 3.

Tiger Woods is lucky 3.

Tiger Woods was reported to have once remarked that his 30s would be even better than his 20s.
Tiger Woods was born on December 30,1975.

His birth number is 3.

Hence his 30s was much luckier.
His fate number is 1.

So,the year 2008 was good for him.
Woods surpassed Arnold Palmer.

He won his 3rd World Golf Championships’Accenture Match Play Championship Crown.
But,unfortunately,his 30s also  seriously damaged his reputation.
However his lucky numbers still influence him.
He has 12 majors last  decade(1+2=3).
Woods finished the decade with $81,547,410 in earnings from his PGA Tour events, an average of $482,529 per tournament.
The amount shown above represents number 3.

The year 2011 and age 22 are good omen for Mcllroy.

That it is the 93rd edition of PGA Championship is a good omen for Woods.



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