Ian Bell was born on April 11,1982.

Numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for him.

He is now 29 years(2+9=11,1+1=2).



See,it is the 2000th test match(2+0+0+0=2).

He scored his maiden double century.

Much more interestingly,Alastair Cook is also lucky 2/7.

He was born on December 25,1984.

He also scored double century.

Andrew strauss was born on March 2,1977.

Numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for him.

He is now 34 years(3+4=11).

Numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for MS Dhoni.

At the time of winning Cricket World Cup 2011,Dhoni was 29 years.

Numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for Rahul Dravid.

On  July 21,I wrote:” Rahul Dravid was born on January 11,1973.

Numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for him.

His name has 11 characters.

His debut at Lord’s was in the year 1996.

The date was June 20.


The year represents 7.

The  date represents 2.


He was the top scorer in the 7th WC.

He was appointed Indian Captain in the year 2005.

The year represents 7.

On 16 August 2009 Dravid was called back to the Indian ODI team

The date and year  represented his lucky numbers.

He is now 38 years.Age 38  represents 2.

Number 2000 represents 2.


The 2000th Test is strongly significant for him

Because,it represents 2.”

Though numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for MS dhoni,I have found that the lucky period of Dhoni is almost over.

So,on July 5 I wrote:-

“Indian skipper MS Dhoni turns 30 on July 7.He enters a new era.His 20s are highly fortunate.His 30s will not be so.I have been studying about MS Dhoni from the year 2007 onwards.
Since then,I have written several blogs on Dhoni,emphasising that he is strongly influenced by numbers 2/7 and that he is lucky as captain.This irresistible conclusion gave me courage to write in my blogs that India would  win the WC 2011(as the final was on April 2).Numbers 2/7 are lucky for him in 3 ways-by virtue of his birth date,by his occult number and by his zodiac sign.So,this gives him a strong and harmonious personality.

M.S.Dhoni was born on July 7,1981.Those
born on 7,16 or 25 of any month have birth number 7.Bause,16 adds up
to 7.Same is the case with 25.
7 is a male number representing the
planet Neptune.Number 2 is the female counter part of number
7.Number 2 stands in symbolism to the planet Moon.
Numbers 2 and  7 are like woman and man inseparably inter connected.
Number 2 persons are  equally influenced by
number 7.Similarly,number 7 persons are equally  influenced by number 2
On April 11, 2008 he became India’s first wicket keeper Test captain.April 11 represents number 2.
So,numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for
Name further strengthens his luck!:-
Numerologically it is much luckier to
have a name number(occult number)identical to/harmoniously vibrating
with the birth number.Dhoni is lucky in that respect too.Because his
name is influenced by number 2.
The name number is 29 as shown below:-
Now see that number 29 adds up to
2.(2+9=11,1+1=2).His nick name “MAHI” holds occult number 11 that adds up to 2.
The name ‘M.S.Dhoni’carries 7
Additional bonus!:-Dhoni was born in
the period known as the ‘House of the Moon’.Moon represents 2.Thus
numbers 2 and 7 are additionally lucky for Dhoni!
Dhoni married during this period.The name of his wife”SAKSHI RAWAT” has 11 characters that adds up to 2.The occult number is 29.That is,the occult number of MS DHONI and SAKSHI RAWAT is one and the same-that is,29.This indicates mutual attraction and harmonious vibrations.
Lucky days and lucky weeks for Dhoni:-
Dates 2,7,11,16,20,25 and 29 are lucky
for Dhoni.The luckiest week is Monday,which represents 2.
Influence of numbers 2 and 7:-

Within  7 days of his appointment as captain
Dhoni became the first captain to win
five successive tosses in the ICC World Twenty20.
On February 20, 2008 he topped the million dollar bids.
Age 29  Has been highly fortunate for him

On December 29, 2010 Indiawon against SA
India defeatedAustralia in the warm up of WC 2011 by 38 runs(adds up to 2).

In the 2nd warm up held on 16th(1+6=7) Indiadefeated New Zeland.
The matches played byIndia in the WC 2011 were mostly influenced by 2/7 in one way or other.

There are more and more Examples.

After the victory of Indian team in WC 2011 Dhoni was ranked 52(5+2=7) by the TIME MAGAZINE”





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