Narendra Modi turns 61 today.
He was born on September 17,1950
His birth number is 8.
His Zodiac Sign is Virgo.
Virgo is ruled by number 5.
His name number is 41(4+1=5).
His fate number is 5.
The next Prime Minister will be the 14th(1+4=5) person!

Birth date 17 is highly fortunate.
Narendra Modi shares his birth date with MF Hussain
Former Tamil Nadu chief Minister MG Ramachandran was born on 17th.
Anil Kumble was born on 17th.
Muttiah Muralitharan was born on 17th.
Who will be the next Prime Ministerial candidateof BJP?
No doubt,It will be Modi!
Who will be from the Congress?
After carefully analyzing various numerological factors,I come to an irresistible conclusion that AK Antony will be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Congress(I).
In the NEW INDIAN EXPRESS dated May 17,1999 I had predicted that number 13 was lucky for Atalji and that he would return as Prime Minister after the 13th Lok Sabha election.
My prediction was proved correct.
Vajpayee was again sworn in on October 13,1999.
In the same prediction it was also stated by me that "chance of any other person from the Nehru family again becoming the Prime Minister of India is rather dim"
Election year is 2014:-
Normally,the 16th Lok Sabha election is due in 2014.
It can take place in 2012/2013 also.
The years 2012/2013/2014 are potentially significant for Modi and Antony in different ways.
Significance of 2013:-
Out of 2012/2013/2014 the year 2013 is the most notable.
According to my findings there are strong historical pattern in numerology.
The year 2013 is after 36 years of 1977.
A period of 9 years or multiple of 9(18/27/36 etc) is strongly significant in numerology.
Just one example:BJP was formed in the year 1980.
It supported the VP Singh government at the centre in 1989.
BJP formed its own government in 1998.
It was in 1977 that a person from outside the Hindi belt became Prime Minister.
He was Morarji.
There is a similarity between the name Morarji and Modi!
It was in 1977 that AK Antony first became chief Minister of Kerala.
The year 1977 and 2013:-
As already said 2013 is 36 years after 1977.
There is another pattern.
Adding the digits of 1977,1+9+7+7=24.
Adding 1977 with 24 we get 2001.
Adding the digits of 2001 we get 3.
Adding 2001 with 3 we get 2004.
The digits of 2004 adds up to 6.
Adding 2004 with 6 we get 2010.
The digits of 2010 adds up to 3
Finally,adding 2010 with 3 we get 2013.
BJP AND 2013:-
The year 2013 adds up to 6.
The birth number of BJP is 6.
BJP has already ruled at the centre for 6 years continuously.
In 2013 BJP will be 33 years(3+3=6).
Antony and Indian National Congress:-
Incidentally,Antony shares his date of birth with Indian National Congress-that is,december 28.
It may also be noted that the next government will be the 28th!


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