Bill Clinton was theUSPresident from 1996 to 2000.

During the last period of his career,his image was badly tarnished due to a sex scandal involving Monica Lewinsky.He miraculously escaped from impeachment as a lone member of the rival Republican party cross-voted in favour ofClinton.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was widely believed to be the next French President.

His political career was abruptly damaged due to a sexual assault case.

We well remember the case of Tiger Woods.

The 75-year-old Silvio Berlusconi-Prime Minister ofItaly-is also under threat.

In Kerala political career of Neela Lohithadasan Nadar was ruined by a sexual assault case.

Now,Kerala’s two ministers-PK Kunhalikutty and PJ Joseph   are under the sword of Damocles in similar matters.

P Sasi the most powerful district Secretary of the CPI(M) is out on the same ground.

Same is almost  the case with Ernakulam district Secretary Gopi.


I am not justifying any of the above persons.

But I want to humbly point out  that the allegations  of sex related matter are  deadlier than  the bomb of a terrorist.

Any body can be finished at any time with this bomb.

The career of a District Collector can be  endangered by an eccentric lady at collectorate.

Same is the case with any body.

Even our VS Achuthanandan is not immune from this danger!

Sadly,our media and pseudo moralists are celebrating the sex scandal against others.There are so many problems to be solved urgently.

Our Kerala will not be  safe if a Kunhalikutty or Joseph is punished.

But it can quench the  thirst of certain sadists!

It is true  girls are molested,raped and sexually assaulted.

Let the law of the land punish the culprits.

But we should not rush with a coir,when we hear that an ox has delivered!!

We should be guided by common sense.

Common sense  is absent in all walks of life.

Can a man sexually exploit a woman for a longer period by taking her to various place_without her permission?

It can never happen.That is what common sense says!

But,now-a-days we read many news items on similar lines!!

A culprit is better than a pseudo moralist who pollutes the atmosphere by continuously attacking the former.

Are all of these pseudo moralists saintly in the matter of sex/

Tailpiece:-“ If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”



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