LK Advani was born on November 8,1927.
His birth number is 8.
His fate number is 29(2+9=11,1+1=2).
Inc​identally,he became Deputy Prime minister on June 29,2002.
He started his rath yatra started on 11th(1+1=2).
The rath will move for 38 days(3+8=11,1+1=2).
T​he occult number of BJP is 2.
It first formed government at the centre after the 11th Lok Sabha election.
The BJP had only 2 members in the Lok Sabha,in the first election,after its formation!

Since independence,India has 14 Prime Ministers.
The Congress has 7.
The opposition has 7.
The next election will be fought for the 8th Prime Minister by all parties.
Advani has birth number 8.
That is a good omen for him.
But,Narendra Modi has a much more powerful 8 with him!


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