VS Achuthanandan turned 88 today.
The fate number of VS is 18(1+8=9).
He married on July 18,1967.
He was sworn in as CM on May 18,2006.
In 1962(1+9+6+2=18) China attacked India.
At that time,EMS was on the side of China.
But,VS was on Indian side.
He was demoted in the party rank when he participated in a blood donation camp to help Indian soldiers.
Age 88 is strongly significant(8+8=16).
The name number of CPI(M) is 16.
16 adds up to 7.
Numbers 2 and 7 are mutually connected.
VS is the 11th(1+1=2) person to become the Chief Minister of Kerala.
Also,he was the Chief Minister of the 20th(2+0=2) government.
He lost his father at the age of 11(1+1=2).
At the time of marriage,he was 43 years(4+3=7).
The next CPI(M) congress is the 20th.
47 years have passed since the formation of CPI(M).
47 adds up to 2.
Kerala CPI(M) is now facing the deepest ever crisis after the expulsion of MV Raghavan in 1986.
25 years have passed since then(2+5=7).
So,the next party congress is a turning point in the life of VS.


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