Sarkozi ET 5

Sarkozy again became a father on Wednesday.
Wednesday is represented by 5.
Sarkozi was born on January 28,1955.
His occult number is 23.
He is the 23rd President of French republic
Carla Bruni was born on December 23,1967.
 number 23 has strong significance in the life of Sarkozy.
 his name number(occult number) is 23,as arrived below:
 Sarkozy had married Married Marie-Dominique Culioli on a 23rd!(September 23,1982).
Number 23 adds up to 5(2+3=5).
Sarkozy's marriage with Culioli lasted for 14 years.
14 adds up to 5(1+4=5).
Sarkozy married Cecilia in 1996.
His son Louis was born on April 23,1997.
Number 5 persons are  consistently inconsistent!

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