On February 23 I predicted about qadhafi in my blog(damodarannumerology.blog.co.uk) that”Numerologically,he has to leave soon!”
Muammar Qadhafi was strongly influenced by numbers 2 and 7.
He was born on June 7,1942.
His birth number is 7.
Numbers 2 and 7 influence each other.
The year of his birth represents 7(1+9+4+2=16,1+6=7).
His fate number is 29(2+9=11,1+1=2).
His name number is 43(4+3=7).
He became ruler of Libya in 1969(1+9+6+9=25,2+5=7).
Before that,he ended the rule of King Idris.
The name number of Idris is 11(1+1=2).
He was Secretary General of the General People’s Congress of Libya from March 2,1977 to March 2,1979.
He was Prime Minister from 16 January 1970 – 16 July 1972.
The Lockerbie plane crash was allegedly masterminded by Qadhafi.
The number of people died on board was 259(2+5+9=16,1+6=7).
The number of people died on the ground was 11(1+1=2).

Qadhafi was killed on October 20(2+0=2).
The fate number of October 20,2011 is 7.
On the day of his death,he was 69 years and 136 days old(69+136=205,2+0+5=7).
He became the ruler of Libya on September 1,1969.
He was killed after 42 years and 50 days(42+50=92,9+2=11,1+1=2).


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