There is a similarity between Barack Obama and Rick Perry.
The name number of Barack Obama is 26.
The name number of Rick Perry is also 26
Obama was born on August 4,1961.
Rick Perry was born on March 4,1950.
The birth number of both is 4
The fate number of Obama is 2.
The fate number of Rick Perry is 4.
On August 2 I wrote in my blog:-
“Barack Obama was born August 4 ,1961.
His marriage was at the age of 31(3+1=4)
Numbers 1/4/8 are quite significant for him.
He was elected President in the November 4 election.
He is the 4th youngest US President.
The year 2008 represents 1.
 In another numerological way the year 2008 was important for obama.
He was born in 1961 which gives 17 by addition.
1961+17 makes 1978.
Now,1978 brings 25 by addition.
Add 25to 1978.
That gives 2003.
Number 2003 gives 5 by addition.
Adding 5 to 2003 makes 2008.
Is it a mere number crunching?
No ,not at all!
To substantiate this point see the case of Saddam Hussein .
He was born in 1937 .
Adding the numbers in 1937 gives 20.
Add 20 to 1937.
Then we get 1957.
It was in 1957 that Saddam joined the Revolutionary Party.
Now add the numbers in 1957.
Then we get 22.
Adding 22 to 1957 gives 1979.
Saddam became Iraq president in the year 1979.
coming back to Obama,his name number (occult number) is 26 which adds up to 8.
Michelle was born on January 17,1964.
Hence her birth number is 8.
Her Zodiac Sign is represented by 8.
Her occult number is 44(4+4=8).
Surprisingly, her husband is the 44th US President.
The fate number of Obama and Michelle is same.
Their fate number is 29.
It is obtained by adding together the numbers of the date,month and year of birth.
Obama and Michelle carry the same fate number.

Since the fate number is 29,the year 2009 was epoch making in their life.
Obama received Nobel Peace prize in 2009.
The Occult number of Barack Obama is 26(2+6=8).
The occult number of Michelle Obama is 44(4+4=8).
Significance of 2011:-
The year 2011 represents 4-the birth number of Obama.
Michelle is now 47 years old.
Number 47 adds up to 11(1+1=2).
It is related to her fate number 29.
So,the year 2011 will be a turning point in their life.”
So,does it indicate that Rick Perry will be the Republican candidate?
Since the birth number and fate number of Rick Perry is 4 and since the year 2011 represents 4,the time is very significant for Perry.
The next US Presidential election will be conducted on November 6,2012.The fate number of that date is 13(1+3=4).
At the time of election,Perry will be 62 years(6+2=8).
See,his name number is 26.
Wait and watch!
If Perry is the Republican candidate,it will be a strong challenge for Obama!


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