Michael Schumacher is with Mercedes.
That both names begins with the same letter augurs well.
Similar is the case of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa with Ferrari.
The occult number:-
The occult number of Sebastian Vettel is 52(2+5=7).
The occult number of Red Bull is 25(2+5=7).
That is also a good omen.
The top ten highest paid drivers are:-
1)Fernando Alonso(dob:July 29,1981)
2)Lewis Hamilton(dob:January 7,1985)
3)Michael Schumacher(dob:January 3,1969)
4)Felipe Massa(dob:April 25,1981)
5)Sebastian Vettel(dob:July 3,1987)
6)Jenson Button(dob:January 19,1980)
7)Nico Roseberg(dob:June 27,1985)
8)Mark Webber(dob:August 27,1976)
9)Rubens Barrichello(dob:May 23,1972)
10)Jarno Trulli(dob:July 13,1974)
Out of these,three each were born in the month of January and July respectively.
One each was born in the month of April,May,June and August.


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