Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy turned  68 today.
Interestingly,68 is the strength of the opposition LDF!
Age 67 was highly lucky for him(6+7=13,1+3=4).
His coalition had a majority of 4.
Unfortunately,the  majority has been reduced to 3,due to the death of  minister TM Jacob yesterday.
My first prediction about oommen Chandy was published in the "Deepika" daily on September 4,2004.
In the year 2011,I predicted that Chandy would be elected Chief Minister after the 13th assembly election (number 13 is lucky for him).
My prediction was published by The New Indian Express,Dinakaran,IANS,Malayala Manorama and Malayalam News.
After Chandy was sworn in as CM,another prediction was published by the Kerala Kaumudi Flash and Asian Tribune.
Chandy was born on October 31,1943.
He became CM on August 31,2004.
The birth number of Chandy is 4.
The fate number is 22 that adds up to 4.
He first became MLA in the 4th Assembly.
The list of Congress candidates for the 13th assembly election was announced on March 22(2+2=4).
After the election the UDF came to power by a majority of 4 seats!
As per numerology numbers 1 and 4 are highly inter-linked.
So,numbers 1 and 4 mutually influence.
Oommen Chandy is the 10th(1+0=1) person to be the CM of Kerala.
Also,he first headed the 19th(adds up to 1) ministry.
He has been elected MLA for 10 times.
"what on earth has these numbers to do with the elections" may be the doubts of some.
Please also read the following:-
EMS was born on June 13,1909.
His birth number is 4.
Numbers 1/4 are numerological twins.EMS was the 1st and 4th CM.
Pattom Thanu Pillai was the 2nd CM.
He was born on July 15,1885.
His Zodiacal Sign Cancer is ruled by 2.
R Sankar was born on April 30,1909.
His birth number is 3.
He was the 3rd CM.
C Achutha Menon was born on January 13,1913.His birth number is 4.
He was the 4th person to be the CM.
K Karunakaran was born on July 5,1918.
His birth number is 5.
He was the 5th man to be the CM.
AK Antony was born on December 28,1940.
His Zodiacal Sign Capricorn is ruled by 8.
Also,his occult number is 26 that adds up to 8.
He was the 8th CM.
As a numerologist I have found that Antony is highly influenced by his occult number.
The occult number/Zodiac Sign number of AK ANTONY is 26 that adds up to 8.
He was,for the first time,Chief Minister of
the 8th govenment.
He became AICC secretary at the age of 44.
Also,he married at the age of 44(4+4=8).
He was,for the first time, central minister at the age of 53(5+3=8).
When he was Kerala CM in 2001,he led an 8-party coalition.
Also,his party alone had 62(6+2=8) members.
Strangely,out of those 62 MLAs,26 belonged to his rival group!
The name "AK ANTONY" contains 8 characters.
Pk Vasu Devan Nair was born on March 2,1926.
His birth number is 2.
His occult number is 56 that represents 2.
Numbers 2/7 are numerological twins.
He was the 7th man to be the CM.
CH Mohammed Koya was born on July 15,1923.
He was the 8th man to be the CM.
The occult number of CH is 8.
EK Nayanar was born on Dec 9,1919.
His birth number is 9.
He was the 9th person to be the CM.
Number 13 is a much maligned number.
Interestingly,two former CMs were born on 13th!



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