On October 30,Sebastian Vettel of the Red Bull scored his covetable victory in the Indian Grand Prix.

Date 30 is represented by 3.

By virtue of his birth,numbers 3/6/9 are lucky for him.

He was born on July 3,1987.

It was his 21st victory of his career.

See,he is now 24 years(2+4=6)

His occult number is 52(5+2=7).

Numbers 2 and 7 are twins.

Occult number of Red Bull is 25(2+5=7).

That is a good omen.


The name number of Nigel Mansell is 41.The record for most pole position in a season (14) stands in his name


The birth number of Narain Karthikeyan is 5.

His name number is 8.

His birth number is 5.

He started 23(2+3=5).

He finished 17th(1+7=8).


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