On Nov 9 I wrote under the headline"JAYARAJAN JAILED ON LUCKY DAY!"-
"MV Jayarajan was born on May 24,1960.
The day was Tuesday.
He was sent to jail on another Tuesday.
Tuesday is represented by 9.
Numbers 3/6/9 are lucky for him.
His fate number is 27 that adds up to 9.
Tuesday,Thursday and Friday are lucky days.
He was sent to jail on his lucky day.
He first became MLA at the age of 36(3+6=9).
Since he was jailed on his lucky day,his imprisonment will be politically good for him.
His birth date is 24.
His occult number is also 24.
Number 24 adds up to 6.
He is now 51 years old(5+1=6).
He is to undergo imprisonment for 6 months."
On another Tuesday(his lucky day) he gets bail.Date 15 represents his birth number 6.

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