Will the ceiling of 3-term fixed by the central committee of the CPI(M)adversely affect the continuance of Pinarayi Vijayan as the Secretary?
Some news papers have already “written off” Pinarayi.
As a numerologist,I have been closely studying about Pinarayi,ever since he became State secretary in 1998.
He was born on 21-3-1944.His birth number is 3.His fate number is 24(2+4=6).His Occult number is 36(3+6=9).His Zodiac Sign is represented by 9.All these numbers-3/6/9 are quite friendly.That is the reason for his strong personality.He has a strong and clear vision.He can converge his attention and energy to the desired goal.He does not waste time and energy.He is a notable miser in using words!It may be noted that he very very rarely uses the first person “I”.Insted he uses “we’.
It was in 1986 that his political fortune took a big leap forward.Since then his graph never came down.The year 1986 is related to his fate number 24(1+9+8+6=24).At that time he was 42 years.
He was elected Secretary for the first time in 1998,after the death of Chadayan.That was after 12 years from 1986.His birth number is 3.So,number 12 is significant(1+2=3).
After that he was elected Secretary 3 times.
At a glance,chances of his continuance is rather dim.
But,I am imagining about a miracle.The year 2013 is a highly significant one in the life of Pinarayi.The year represents 6.At that time he will be 69 years.This also represents 6.By that time he will have completed 15 years as Secretary.That also represents 6.
So,inspite of other odds against him,it is supposed that some miracles will happen and that Pinarayi will be allowed to continue till 2013.
And,perhaps,he will be the All India Secretary after that.
Suppose,Pinarayi has to go.Then who will be the new Secretary?
We can examine it later.
(I have written some blogs about Pinarayi in “koottam blogs”)


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