Sachin lost his 100th century by 6 runs.
It was on Friday.
Friday is represented by 6.
Actually,number 6 is very lucky for Sachin.
Some times,lucky number becomes a villian!
It is his birth number.
Also,he was born in Taurus.
Tarus is represented by 6.
His Test debut was on November 15,1989.
Date 15 represents 6.
The fate number of that day is also 6.

He was born on April 24,1973.
India won the cricket world cup in the 6th world cup of Sachin.
Besides,number 6,numbers 3 and number 9 are lucky for him.
Number 3 is his fate number also.
On March 24 Sachin crossed the 18000 landmark.
On March 12, Sachin scored his 6th Century in WC.
Also, he became the first batsman to score five hundreds in this world cup.
He created four records in this world cup.
-his 6th WC.
The name Sachin contains 6 characters.
The name Sachin Tendulkar 15(1+5=6) characters.
The occult number of Sachin is 18(1+8=9).

He has now 99 centuries(9+9=18,1+8=9).
This represents his lucky number 9.
But,he is the only batsman who was out by 99 runs in ODI.
That was 3 times.
In international cricket,he lost centuries 27 times(2+7=9),when he reached at 90-99 runs.
The year 2012 represnts 5.
That is his name number.
On April 24,2012 he will be 39 years.
That represents his fate number.
Perhaps,that will be the period,when he reaches the magic number 100!


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