THE YEARS 1911 AND 2011

The year 2011 has been the most eventful .

Literally,it has been revolutionary.

Let us go back to 100 years back.

The first revolution in the 20th century was Chinese revolution.

The qing dynasty was over thrown and the Republic of China was established in 1911.Sun Yat-Sen became the first provisional President.

The October revolution took place in Russia.

The first World War was between 1914-1918.

The second World war between 1939-1945.

The Communist revolution in China was in 1949.

These are the major epoch making events in the 20th century.

History has a compulsive habit of repetition.

So,the year 2012 strongly indicates some revolutions!

Marxism and Gandhism will surely hold sway in the coming years.


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