J Jayalalithaa has disowned her foster son Sudhakaran.
At her foster son Sudhakaran’s marriage,the party was led by led by 27 mounted policemen.(2+7=9).
The cultural troupe consisted of 27 members.
Jaya has strong penchant for number 9.
There are so many examples.

Among India’s political leaders,her strong belief in numerology is quite well-known. See the following:-The DMK withdrew its Appeal in the Supreme Court challenging the acquittal of AIADMK Supremo J.Jayalalithaa in the ‘pleasant stay Hotel’ corruption case.The date was 18th(1+8=9).This date was quite important for Jaya.Jayalalithaa was born on February 24,1948.
Her birth number is 6(2+4=6).
Numbers 3,6 and 9 are generally lucky for her.
Formerly she was known as J JAYALALITHA.
The occult number of the name is 23.
In order to get the occult number 24(equal to her birth date 24) she changed the name as J JAYALALITHAA.
See,her father died at the age of 42(4+2=6).
Besides,Jaya’s fate number is 30 which adds up to 3(3+0=3).
Fate number is arrived at by adding together the numbers in the date,month and year of birth.
That is,24+2+1948=1974.Further adding,1+9+7+4=21.
Further adding,2+1=3.Though numbers 3,6 and 9 are lucky for her ,Jaya has a much stronger preference for number 9.
At a mass wedding for 1008 brides Jaya presided over,the menu had 18 items(1+8=9).
In 1998(the year adds up to 9)her party had 18 members in the Lok Sabha.
In 1999,the AIADMK withdrew from the co-ordination panel of the ruling parties at the centre on April 9,1999 .
Then Jaya left for New Delhi with a 9-day mission to topple the Vajpayee government at the centre.
Actually,the votes polled against Vajpayee government in the Lok Sabha -in the confidence motion-was 270(2+7+0=9).
Now,read the actions taken by Jaya as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 2001:-In the year 2002,the Tamil Nadu government headed by Jaya launched an ambitious 1800(1+8+0+0=9)crore ‘Education for all’ movement.At the function Jaya unveiled plaqueto mark the starting of 1008 new schoolsand she gave away appointment to 3060 (3+0+6+0=9)Block Resource Teachers.General strike on October 9,2002 was declared by the AIADMK in protest against Karnataka government’s reluctance to supply Kaveri water to Tamil Nadu.999 government servants,who stood dimissed for taking part in the strike were reinstated.see,999 adds up to 9(earlier,all suspended emplpyees except 999 were taken back).Dropped two ministers from her government on June 9,2003.M.K.Stalin and 8 others(total 9!) were arrested for extending support to to the striking students .9 persons including Vaiko were arrested under POTA.Launched Tsunami reconstruction programme on May 18(1+8=9),2005Kanchi seer grilled in land deal case on June 9,2005It may be remembered that late Tamil Nadu CM MGR was her mentor.The occult number of MGR is 9.Briefly,her birth number is 6.Her fate number is 3.On Feb 24,she turns 63(6+3=9).Age 63 represents 9.Besides,the number 63 is formed by her birth number 6 and fate number 3.So She was,for the first time, the 21st CM(2+1=3).She assumed office on June 24(2+4=6),1991.

Jaya is now 63(6+3=9).
Number 6 is her birth number.
Number 3 is her fate number..
This period(age 63) is very crucial in her life.
Thus she has expelled Sasikala and others.
PS;-Jaya was born on a Tuesday.
Tuesday is represented by 9.
That is the secret behind her penchant for 9.


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