In my article entitled “Though Cricket World cup final unpredictable, Dhoni will be the 2nd captain to lift it for India”
published in the ASIAN TRIBUNE on April 1,2011 I had mentioned about Sachin as follows:-
“This is the 6th WC of Sachin. Numbers 3/6/9 are highly lucky for sachin. On March 24 Sachin crossed the 18000 landmark.
On March 12, Sachin scored his 6th Century in WC. Earlier in this WC he become the first batsman to cross 2000 runs limit .Also, he became the first batsman to score five hundreds in this WC .
He created four records in this WC-his 6th WC.
Sachin Tendulkar was born on April 24,1973. His birth number is 6(2+4=6).His Zodiacal Sign is Taurus owned by planet Venus represented by number 6.
His Test debut was on November 15,1989(1+5=6).
He was adjudged International Player of the Year on Oct 6. Interestingly,the name Sachin contains 6 characters. The name Sachin Tendulkar 15(1+5=6) characters.
The final of the WC 2011 on April 2 will be influenced by the lucky number 2 of Dhoni and lucky number 6 of Sachin
Numbers 3/6/9 are strongly lucky for Sachin.
Besides,his fate number is 3.
The 99 centuries represent his lucky number.
The number 99 adds up to 18.Incidentally,the occult number of Sachin is 18.
The million-dollar question is:whether Sachin’s record will be restricted at 99?
Will he reach at the summit at Sydney.
The Test is on 3rd January.
Sachin and Sydney have harmonious vibrations.So,Sydney can be lucky for him.
But,see,Sachin has already taken 3 centuries from Sydney!Number 3 is his fate number!!
If not from Sydney,from where?
The 3rd Test is at “Perth”.
The occult number of “Perth” is 24.
That is equal to the birth date of Sachin.
That augurs well for Sachin.

There are some other permutatations and combinations also.
Briefly,the following predictions are made:-
1)Number 100 is not lucky for Sachin.Number 99 is strongly lucky for him.
2)If he gains the 100th century,that will not be restricted there.He will gain atleast 102 centuries(1+0+2=3).Because,his fate number is 3.


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