Mayawati was born on January 15,1956.
Her birth number is 6.
As the birth number is 6,Mayawati is influenced by numbers 3,6 and 9.
At the first time,she was sworn in as chief minister onJune 3.
For the second time,it was on March 21(2+1=3).For the 3rd time,it was on May 3.At
the time of becoming CM for the 4th time she was 51 years.
She is now the 32nd CM of UP.
If her party wins a majority,she will head the 33rd government.
Number 33 is lucky for her as it adds up to 6.
The election is for the constitution of the 16th assembly.
This number does not harmoniously vibrate with Mayawati.
Victory in election cannot be predicted by lucky number of one leader alone!
The lucky numbers of other political parties and leaders are also to be taken into account.
So,this is only a hint.

The present assembly is the 15th one.
That is equal to the birth date of Mayawati.
The BSP has 219 members(2+1+9=12,1+2=3).
It may be noted that the last time she became CM by the strength of her own party.


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