Prediction in a nutshell:-Numbers 3/6/9are lucky for Mitt Romney.The
election is on November 6.It is the 57th(5+7=12,1+2=3)quadrennial
election.There is a bright chance for Romney to be the 45th(4+5=9) US
President(and 3rd President of the millennium).
The persons who were elected US Presidents in 1808,1828,1848,1868,1888,1908,1928,1948,1968 and 1988  were not
re-elected.This fact is a bad omen for Obama,who was elected in 2008.
The US Presidential election is conducted in every four years(on the
first Tuesday of November).The 2012 election is on November 6.
This is the 57th quadrennial election.
57 adds up to 3(5+7=12,1+2=3).
The date of election is 6.
So,numbers 3/6/9 have a prominent role in the coming election.
On November 26,2010 I wrote in my
blog( as follows:-
“The next US Presidential election will be held on November
6,2012.So,number 6 has immense influence on the election.Numbers 3,6
and 9 are associate numbers.So,candidates,influenced by numbers 3/6/9
are likely to be in the fray. Interestingly,if the republican party
candidate wins the election and Obama is defeated,the next one will be
the 45th US President(4+5=9). …………..”
It is almost certain that the contest will be between Barack Obama and
Mitt Romney.
I am amazed by the influence of numbers of Romney in the coming election.
Romney was born on March 12,1947.
Numbers 3/6/9 are lucky for him.
His date of birth has a tremendous influence on number 3.
Birth date 12 represents 3.
The month March represents 3.
The year of birth-1947-represents 3(1+9+4+7=21,2+1=3).
Also,the Zodiac Sign is Pisces-the 12th Sign.
Owner of the Sign is Jupiter.
Number of Jupiter is 3.

1988 and 2012:-
In 1988 the republican candidate George Bush(father of George W Bush)
won the election.After 12 years -that is in 2000) George W Bush was
elected as a Republican candidate(he was reelected in 2004).
Now,again after 12 years-in 2012-the Republican candidate has a better chance.
There is another interesting fact.The person who was elected in 1808,1828,1848,1868,1888,1908,1928,1948,1968 and 1988 were not re-elected.It is a bad omen for Obama,who was elected in 2008.
did not become President again.Does it indicate that Obama-elected in
2008 has no chance for reelection?
George Bush,George W Bush and Mitt Romney:-
George Bush was the 41st President.George W bush was the 43rd
President.if Romney is elected he will be the 45th President.Note the
significance of the series(41,43 and 45).
That the year 2013 is significant for Mitt Romney can be discussed as follows:-
He was born in 1947.The digits adds up to 21.1947 plus 21 is 1968.The
digits of 1968 adds up to 24.1968 plus 24 is 1992.The digits of 1992
adds up to 21.Now,1992 plus 21 is 2013.
Fate numbers of Obama and Romney:-
The US Presidential election 2012 has no numerological significance
for Obama.But his fate number is 2.Will he be elected for the 2nd
time solely on the strength of the fate number?The chance is rather dim.
The fate number of Romney is 9.If he is elected he will be the 45th
President(4+5=9).Numbers 3/6/9 have a significant role in this
election.These are quite favourable to Romney.
Conclusion:If Romney is the Republican candidate,he can create
nightmare to Obama.Atleast the numbers speak so!
About me:-
60 year old Amateur numerologist .Doing research for the last 22
years. Several findings and prediction reported in Indian and foreign
news papers. Correctly predicted about the victory of Vajpayee,George
W Bush,failure of Bush in the Iraq affair and the failure of
Velupillai Prabhakaran(velupillai prabhakaran-a hero or a big
zero?-asian tribune august 15,2007)
In the year 4 correct predictions have been reported:-Indian Victory
in cricket world cup and the government formation by Oommen
Chandy,Jaya and Mamata. Also, On July 5 I predicted in my blog that
“Dhoni’s luck will drain and dwindle”.The same prediction was
published in THE SOUTH ASIA MAIL. Besides, On July 21 I predicted that
“2000th Test is lucky for Rahul Dravid”
The following prediction was proved incorrect:-
Hillary Clinton the 44th US President(asian tribune,March 3,2007)


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