Novak Djokovic has retained the Australian Open.
Victoria Azarenka has won the Australian Open Women’s single.
There is a similarity between Djokovic and Azarenka.
Both are number 4 persons.
Numbers 1 and 4 are lucky for them
Both are now number 1.
Djokovic won the Australian Open 2012 final which lasted 5 hours 53 minutes(5+53=58,5+8=13,1+3=4).
Djokovic won the US Open. last year.
He defeated Nadal in 4 sets.
He is lucky 4.
The name”NOVAK DJOKOVIC” contains 13 characters(1+3=4).
The Occult number of “Djokovic’ is is 31 that adds up to 4.
The letter “D’ is the 4th one.
The occult value of “D” is 4.
He was born on May 22,1987.
His birth number is 4.
Numbers 1 and 4 are lucky for him.
He won the 2008 Australian Open.
The year 2008 represents 1.
He won the 2011 Australian Open
The year 2011 represents 4.
He reached his first Wimbledon final on July 1.
He was named World number 1 on July 4.

He is reportedly the first player representing Serbia to win a Grand Slam singles title and the youngest player in the open era to have reached the semi-finals of all four Grand Slam events, separately and consecutively.
He is also one of only four players (David Nalbandian, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal being the other 3) to beat Roger Federer 3 times in one calendar year.
He is also one of four players (Nalbandian, Murray and Nikolay Davydenko being the other 3) to beat Federer and Nadal in the same tournament twice, accomplishing that feat when he won the 2011 Indian Wells Masters 1000 event.”
He won his first Wimbledon in 2011.
He won the first US open in 2011.
He is also at the top of the ATP rankings.
Victoria Azarenka was born on July 31,1989.
Her birth number is 4.
Her name number is 49(4+9=13,1+3=4).
She is now 22 years old(2+2=4).
She won her first Grand Slam.
Incidentally,Maria Sharapova,who was defeated by Azarenka in the semi-final is also lucky 1/4.




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