Numbers 2 and 7 are strongly lucky for MS Dhoni
But,what if when other captains have the same lucky number?
Eversince Dhoni was appointed Indian Captain,I have written a few blogs showing that numbers 2/7 are lucky for him.
These lucky numbers finally helped him to lead India to victory in the cricket world cup 2011.
At that time,he was 29 years(2+9=11,1+1=2).
But,when Dhoni turned 30,I wrote that his 30s would be less lucky than his 20s.
As captain,Dhoni had to accept defeat in the recent 7 Tests.
Here is an interesting factor.
The lucky number of Andrew Strauss-Captain of England-is also 2/7.
Same is the case with Alastair Cook.
Australian Captain Michael Clarke has also the same lucky numbers.
Coming back to MS Dhoni,his Predecessor Rahul Dravid is also lucky 2/7.
Rahul Dravid returned to a very good form at the age of 38(3+8=11,1+1=2).

Dravid was born on January 11,1973.
Numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for him.
His name has 11 characters.
His debut at Lord’s was in the year 1996.
The date was June 20.
The year represents 7.
The date represents 2.
He was the top scorer in the 7th world cup ..
He was appointed Indian Captain in the year 2005.
The year represents 7.
On 16 August 2009 Dravid was called back to the Indian ODI team
The date and year represented his lucky numbers.
Number 2000 represents 2.
The 2000th Test was strongly lucky for him.
Because,it represents 2.
The next supposed Indian captain Virender Sehwag is also lucky 2/7.


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