The 20th US President James A Garfield has a similarity with former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
Both were assassinated.
Both were born on November 19.
Indira Gandhi was born in 1917.
Garfield was born in 1831.
Both were lucky 1/4.
But,both died on lucky dates.
Garfield was shot on July 2, 1881.

He died on September 19, 1881 .

Indira Gandhi was assassinated on October 31,1984.
The date represented 4(3+1=4).
The year represented 4.
Garfield was 49 years at the time of assassination(4+9=13,1+3=4).
Indira Gandhi was assassinated after 103 years of the assassination of Garfield(1+0+3=4).
Garfield was the 2nd assassinated US President.
Indira Gandhi was the 2nd most prominent assassinated Indian(the first one was Mahatma Gandhi).
Letters a,i,j,q and y represent 1.
Number 1 is the occult value of these letters.
The birth number of James A Garfield and Indira Gandhi was 1.
For a person with birth number 1,first letter in the name from the category of a,i,j,q,y is good for strengthening the mental power.
There was yet another similarity in name.
The name number of Indira Gandhi is 33(3+3=6).
The name number of James A Garfield 42(4+2=6).
The name number of james is 14.
The name number of Indira is also 14.
Last name of both began with the same alphabet.
Both were born in the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio.
See,Indira Gandhi was assassinated on October 31 that came under the Scorpio.
But Garfield died in the Virgo Sign.
Indira hailed from a very rich family.
The case of Garfield was just the opposite.
Four US Presidents were assassinated.
The first one was Abraham Lincoln.
His name number was 43(4+3=7).
He was the 16th US President(1+6=7).
William Mckinley was the 3rd assassinated US President.
His name number was 43(as that of Abraham Lincoln).
He was the 25th US President(2+5=7).
John F Kennedy was the 4th assassinated US President.
He was the 35th US President(3+5=8).
His name number was 53(5+3=8).





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