If the UDF retains the seat in the Piravom by-election its majority in the assembly will be restored to Oommen Chandy’s lucky number 4.
On the contrary if the LDF wrests the seat the strength of the LDF in the Assembly will increase to 69.
Crucial role of 69:-
This number has an interesting significance.Oommen Chandy will turn 69 on October 31,2012.
Pinarayi Vijayan will turn 69 on March 21,2013.
So,both of them will be 69 years old between March 21,2013 and October 30,2013.
Sixty nine represents 6:-
Number 69 adds up to 6(6+9=15,1+5=6).
The name number of oommen Chandy is 51(5+1=6).
He first became CM in 2004(2+0+0+4=6).
Then he was 60 years(6+0=6).
The fate number of Pinarayi Vijayan is 24(2+4=6).
His name contains 15 (1+5=6) characters.
His political career began to skyrocket in 1986(1+9+8+6=24).
The year 2013 represents 6.
Pinarayi Vijayan will have completed 15 years as CPM Secretary in September 2013.
My prediction about Oommen Chandy:-
I predicted that number 13(1+3=4) was lucky for Oommen Chandy and that he would be CM in the 13th Assembly.
After the election he was sworn in with a majority of 4 seats.
At that time he was 67 years(6+7=13).
On the last day of his 67 years he lost his lucky number 4 due to the death of TM Jacob.
My latest prediction about Pinarayi:-
After pointing out that numbers 3/6/9 are lucky for Pinarayi I summed up my blog dated November 18 as follows:-
“So,inspite of other odds against him,it is supposed that some miracles will happen and that Pinarayi will be allowed to continue till 2013”

Pinarayi has been re-elected.
Why 2013 is so crucial?
There is yet another reason for the year 2013 to be crucial for Oommen Chandy and Pinarayi Vijayan.
History has a phenomenon of repeating/creating important events at a regular interval of time.
Role of number 9 or multiple of 9 such as 18/27/36/45 etc is one such instance.
For example,there were Lok Sabha elections in 1962,1971,1980,1989 and 1998.
The BJP was formed in 1980.In 1989 it supported the VP Singh govt at the centre.
In 1998 it formed its on govt at the centre.
Coming back to Oommen Chandy,he became CM in 2004.So,the year 2013 can be a turning point.
Pinarayi Vijayan’s political career made a high jump in 1986.The year 2013 is 27 years after 1986.
Will Pinarayi be CM?
Seven years back(26-2-2005) I predicted about Pinarayi through the “Rashtradeepika” evening daily.
There were 3 hints.(1)He will be the 12th CM.
(2)After the election in 2006 he will not be CM
(3)He will be CM in 2007.
As Kerala has so far only 11 CMs the hint of 12th CM is still relevant.
VS Achuthanandan was sworn in as the 11th CM after the election in 2006.
My prediction that Pinarayi will be CM in 2007 was proved incorrect.
If Pinarayi Vijayan turns to electoral politics,there are two possibilities of becoming CM.
(1)If Oommen Chandy completes the full term the next election is in 2016(2+0+1+6=9).
Then Pinarayi will be 72 years(7+2=9).This is a lucky period.
(2)If Oommen Chandy has to resign due to political pressure then Pinarayi will be CM in 2013.


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