The character of a person is strongly influenced by his numbers.
In numerology four types of numbers are to be considered.
The birth number,fate number,occult number and the number related to the planet of the zodiac sign.
If the numbers are identical or friendly that augurd well.
That gives a strong and nice personality.
That these four numbers are identical or friendly is not easy.
Such occurrences are very few.
Here I have found a VVIP.
He is none other than Bill Clinton.
He was born on August 19,1946.
His birth number is 1.
He was born in Leo owned by planet Sun.
Sun is represented by number 1.
The name number of Clinton is 28 that adds up to 1.
The name number of Bill Clinton is 37 that adds up to 1.
His fate number is 38 that adds up to 2.
Number 1 is friendly to number 2.
Due to the above reasons Bill Clinton has a strong,gentle.friendly and attractive personality.
Influence of number:-
Number 1 helped Clinton to emerge un-hurt from Monica Lewinsky case
Birth date 19 is very strong.
Indira Gandhi and her grandson Rahul Gandhi were born on 19th.
Aung San Suu Kyi and Salman Rushdie were born on 19th.
Maria Sharapova was born on 19th.
In the case of Clinton his 19 is far better,much luckier and most powerful.
Number 19 represents 1(1+9=10,1+0=1).
Clinton was elected US President when he was 46 years(4+6=10,1+0=1).
He was the 1st US President to visit Gaza Strip.
The bright image of Clinton was tarnished by the “Monica Lewinsky” sex scandal.
He had to undergo many ordeals by the scandal.
But,number 1 helped him .
There were 37 members in the House Judiciary Committee (3 + 7 = 10,
1 + 0=1)
’One’ member belonging to the Republican
Party voted along with


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