The resignation of CPM MLA is an unprecedented event in kerala.
It is surely lucky for oommen Chandy.
Oommen Chandy ,born on October 31,1943 is lucky 4.
He was sworn in as the CM after the 13th(1+3=4) assembly election with a majority of 4 seats.
Now,with the resignation of CPM MLA the majority of the UDF is 4.
Oommen Chandy had lost the lucky 4 on the last day of his lucky age 67(6+7=13,1+3=4) due to the death of his ministerial colleague TM Jacob on October 30.
The fate number of that date is 8(3+0+1+0+2+0+1+1=8).
The fate number of the date of resignation of the MLA is also 8(9+3+2+0+1+2=17,1+7=8).
It is also interesting to note that the resignation came before 8 days of the Piravom by-election caused by the death of TM Jacob.
Again,the date of election is 17(1+7=8).
Number 8 is 2 times 4.
TM Jacob was also strongly influenced by 4.
TM Jacob was born on September 16,1950.
His fate number is 31(3+1=4).
His name number is 22(2+2=4).
In the year 1991 he won the assembly seat with a margin of 2947 votes(2+9+4+7=22,2+2=4).
In 1996 he won by a margin of 7708 votes(7+7+0+8=22,2+2=4).
In 2011 he won by a margin of 157 votes(1+5+7=13,1+3=4).
Now the strength of the LDF is 67.
Ironically,this is the lucky number of UDF chief minister Oommen Chandy!


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