It happened in the early seventies.
A friend of my friend did an interesting thing.
He was the propriter of a typewriting institute.
He sent his marriage invitation letter to AB Vajpyee,the then topmost leader of the party.
My friend’s friend was only a sympathiser of the party.
He did it as a mere joke.
His friends ridiculed his “madness”.
But,to his utter surprise,he received a prompt reply from Vajpayee,wishing him a happy married life!
Then,it was my turn in 1999.
Vajpayee was sworn is as PM for the 3rd time on October 13,1999.
After that I sent a letter to Vajpayee,submitting that I had predicted his comeback.
Photo copies of the reports in The New Indian Express daily dated May 17,1999 and October 11,1999 were enclosed.
It was clearly stated in my letter that I was only an ordinary government servant and that I had been doing research in numerology for 10 years.
Only our office typist knew about the incident.
It was she who typed such matters for me.
For fear that I would be ridiculed I did not disclose the matter to anybody else.
I eagerly awaited a reply for months.
But,to my utter disappointment,I received none.
Even now,I think that somebody in the PM’s office might have done some tricks!
Interestingly and luckily for me,the reports regarding my predictions were read by the then foreign affairs minister Jaswant Singh.
My relative then working in the CISF did the job for me.
He was placed on duty at the minister’s residence.
During that period he could hand over the photo copies to the minister.
The latter had appreciated my predictions based on numbers.
Eventhough it was about Vajpayee that I had predicted,it was some marxist workers who congratulated me first!
They came to know about the predictions through TV Channels(SUN TV and Surya TV).
The channels had reported it as a news.
Again,it has been the ordinary CPM workers who seriopusly evaluated the reports in large numbers published on various occasions.
Once a marxist worker humourously asked me whether I was a “sankhya jotishi” or a “sangh jotishi”!


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