Friday is lucky for Sachin.
He scaled the mount today.
On Feb  27,2012 I wrote in my blogs as follows:-
“That Sachin should quit one-day cricket is now a demand in a section of the media.
Former Indian captain Kapil Dev is also of the view.
As a numerologist I am of the opinion that Sachin will restore his vigour when he turns 39 on April 24.
Age 39 is a significant phase in his life.
I have been writing blogs about Dhoni and Sachin since 2007.
It was based on my findings about their influential numbers that I predicted the victory of Indian team in cricket world cup 2011.
The ASIAN TRIBUNE published my prediction on April 1,2011:-“Though Cricket World cup final unpredictable, Dhoni will be the 2nd captain to lift it for India”.
WC 2011was Sachin’s 6th world cup.
Sachin should not suddenly quit.
The period between April 24,2012 and April 24,2013 is strongly significant for him.
Perhaps he will have taken 102 centuries by that time.”
The date 16-3-212 adds up to 6.
Friday is represented by 6.
Sachin was born on April 24,1973.
His birth number is 6(2+4=6).
His Test debut was on Nov 15,1989.(1+5=6)
His marriage was on May 24,1995.
Numbers 3/6/9 are highly lucky for Sachin.
On March 24 Sachin crossed the 18000 landmark.
On March 12, Sachin scored his 6th Century in WC.
On the same day he reached his 99th century
Earlier in this world cup he become the first batsman to cross 2000 runs limit .
Also, he became the first batsman to score five hundreds in this world cup.

He created four records in this world cup.
-his 6th WC.

The name Sachin contains 6 characters.
The name Sachin Tendulkar 15(1+5=6) characters.
The name of his wife “ANJALI” has 6 characters.
The occult number is 12(1+2=3).


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